New Zealand in Colour


  1. Mark Mingay

    I too started with a Zenit Camera a B then graduated onto Pentax till I now have a K70 with a collection of lenses, from 10mm to 300mm. I have had the good fortune to visit New Zealand a couple of times & was very impressed with your images. The Waneka Tree is a striking image. How did you get the church of the good Shepheard without hoards of tourists?.

    • David Feuerhelm

      Hi Mark.
      Thank you for your comments, I am fortunate that I have to go to New Zealand every January for work so I have seen a lot of the South Island; I have stopped at the Good Shepherd on several occasions and if you get there before 10.00 there are fewer tourists around, and use a low viewpoint and be prepared to resort to Photoshop if people are in the in the edges of your frame. Wanaka and the tree is one of my favourite locations but about two weeks after I was there this January someone cut two of the lower branches off with a chainsaw!


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